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Water-soluble film and equipment

Water-soluble film — perspective developing technology which is a thin film that is used to form packages that dissolve in contact with water.

Products sold as ready to use packaging are becoming popular. There is a clear trend towards packaging detergents and cleaning products in water-soluble bags. The consumer does not apply aggressive product, there is no need to weigh or to dose product. The really clever solution: the product comes into contact with water, not with human skin. We offer water-soluble packaging and packaging for liquid, gel and powder products in water-soluble film.

Range of applications of water-soluble packaging:

  • Industrial disinfectants
  • Tools for car care
  • Detergents
  • Detergents
  • Conditioners
  • Means for care home
  • Neutralization
  • Pigments
  • Superabsorbents
  • Building mixes
  • Animal Care
  • Chemicals for water treatment

Advantages of using packaging in the water-soluble film:

  • Accurate weight premeasured doses of the product (Not required for further weighing or measuring. Comfortable and easy to use)
  • Safe handling — no chemicals in contact with skin (Prevents exposure to hazardous materials per person)
  • Avoiding dust inhalation
  • No loss of product spills
  • Competitive advantage

The equipment for water-soluble packaging

1) Equipment for the packaging of liquid products with a capacity of 100-350 and 600 packs per minute (30 ml)

2) quipment for filling powder products has higher performance 300-1200-2000 packs per minute (20 ml)

Capacity depends on the product to, density, weight and size of package. Each of the packaging machine can be made in various shapes and sizes. To do this on a small machine needs to replace a drum, for medium and large change shape inside the drum.

The cost of the equipment will be provided based on the product type, dispenser type, packaging requirements and productivity and size of the machine.

Production period of 12 weeks from the date of matching of technical specifications and prepayment of 60%. 40% before shipment from the factory. Hardware Warranty 1 year.