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Retort & Microwaveable films and pouches

Retort packaging is a quality alternative to tin, glass and aluminum cans. It is made from the special multilayer film which allow for product sterilization temperature 120-140 degrees on Celsius, and their long-term storage of up to two years.

Benefits of using retort bags:

  • Economical consumption of energy by autoclaving (sterilizing) due to the rapid warming of the film material. For example, in the production salad, energy consumption for the production of retort-packed product is approximately 1.5 times less than packaging in cans
  • Light weight of bag allows to reduce transportation costs for delivery of containers to the company and finished products to retail or wholesale network base;
  • Reduction of space required for storage of empty packaging;
  • Shelf life of products is 2 years;
  • An opportunity to make “retort bags” of different sizes and shapes;
  • The package does not let the sun’s rays, moisture-proof, keeps perfect smell, preserving the original quality of the product;
  • Retort packages are not isolated in the food product no harmful chemical elements even at long heating at temperatures of 100-140 ° C or more, which ensures complete safety of such packages for packing and preparation of semi-finished;
  • Due to the possibility of flexographic and gravure printing, “retort bags” are colorful, allow to realize an unlimited number of designs which are attractive to the consumer, informative and have a large surface area for advertising.


  • PET/PP
  • OPP/PP