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Reclosable Films

There is a new product in our films assortment which we produced. This is a film with reseal able reclosing – Reclosable film. This structure allows you to make your products more attractive to consumers.

Reclosable film — is the top film for packaging in rigid thermoformed or ready trays

Distinctive feature is the fact that, in compared with conventional top films or films with peel-effect (easy opening), they allow a person, who has purchased your product, not only no extra effort to open the package, but repeatedly re tightly closed and open it in storage and gradual intake of the product, keeping it fresh for a long time.

Technologically, this material could be of varying thickness and allows applying high roto and flexo printing. As a result, you not only get the most functional, but also outwardly attractive packaging.

So your brand gain new loyal customers and existing public appreciate their care.