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Ready-Made stand-up pouches

Packing type stand-up pouch has already become popular not only among consumers but also among manufacturers.Importantly, stand-up pouch is a great alternative to glass jars. Unlike glass new packaging do not beats, have less weighs, takes up little space and is more economical for transportation. Its use eliminates the need to purchase and store glass containers, which significantly reduces the financial cost of production. A possibility of applying a colorful multi-color printing on materials has the added benefit compared with traditional packaging.

Stand-up pouch used to packaging:
  • ketchup, sauce, mayonnaise, mustard, condensed milk, milk products
  • dried fruits, nuts
  • bulk products, cereals, porridge
  • household chemicals, liquid soap

Package can be equipped with zip fastener, allowing repeatedly open and close the packaging:

For manufacturing laminated package use film thickness of 100-120 microns having several layers: an inner of polyethylene, ensures the stability of the package and heat seal ability seams, and the outer, lavsan (PET) layer is suitable for flexographic or rotoprinting. Sometimes used as an aluminum foil by way of intermediate barrier layer, which is important in the packaging of juices and hygroscopic product such as ground coffee.Often package fitted with a valve, through which you can easily dispense the product (eg, mayonnaise or ketchup)

AMTOPACK, INC. is represented – ready made bags with the spout, also bags of individual shape, ie, we can develop a bags customized for your order any necessary curved form.

New on the market of Ukraine is the opportunity to order ready-made bags with already soldered spout. You just have to fill the bag and seal it to make final.

  • Ability to sealing of bags (which is very important for food)
  • Low tare weight and dimensional stability under compression
  • Re-opening (closing) of the package
  • Large area for advertising
  • Ability to create individual forms package
Content options :

There are several options filling the bag: if the spout is soldered to the center filling is made directly through it, if the spout is soldered side then filling is done through the upper not sealed part of the bag then bags will seal.

Spout Stand-Up Pouches

Package with a spout provided with a notch for easy opening.Used for packaging of liquid household chemicals, powders, sugar, salt, spices, etc.

The one-way pressure-relief valve for long-term freshness protection

A wide variety of foods, including coffee and fresh sauerkraut, generate gases inside their packaging. This is where our WICOVALVE one-way valve, developed in-house by Wipf, literally provides relief. It lets the gases escape but prevents oxygen to enter into the packaging. This functionality makes a decisive contribution to the optimized protection of the product.Our WICOVALVE technology can be deployed for many different product applications. The valves are exceptionally rugged; with respect to consistent integrity and functionality, they are guaranteed for a period of three years.

Our proprietary WICOVALVE aroma-protection/pressure-relief was originally designed for coffee. During the past years, this valve technology has been refined and modified for many new applications. It allows fresh foods such as doughs, soy products, cheeses, mushrooms or microwavable meals to be marketed in consumer-friendly packaging yet in full compliance with the requirements of modern logistics. WICOVALVE pressure-relief valves are available with different material combinations, response pressure levels, flow volumes, and particle filters to meet the needs of the application.It takes sophisticated technical solutions to protect food products, especially those that remain active in their packaging. In this domain, our proprietary WICOVALVE has become the widely adopted standard.