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Rigid barrier films

Rigid barrier films

Very often it is necessary to keep the product in the tray, which would save its shape by mechanical actions, without deforming the content. For this purpose is the best way used to ready tray or thermoforming film for packaging using special equipment.

The complete package consists of eventually formed tray of rigid film and welded layer of flexible film that is selected depending on the needs of your production and packed product.

The range of our company are widely represented rigid materials for forming trays. All of them have barrier properties to store the product and allow saving products in the modified gas medium.

Containers could be additionally provided with absorbent seals for soak liquid.

The most widely used in our country materials in mind the price ratio and production needs:

(Materials listed in the section and in order of popularity and costs. The first structure is the most popular and has the lowest price. LATEST - vice versa)

All structures may be used for packing as for additive an inert gas with and without it. Materials (Fig. 3, 4) which contain polyethylene coextruded with EVOH, have higher barrier properties and enable to save much longer products (the upper film in such a tray must also have enhanced barrier properties.)

All these polymers are ideal for packing such products:

  • Fresh meat
  • Meat products
  • Smoked meat
  • Cheese
  • Fish
  • Salads

In addition, our company can offer you absorbent seals that are used for a much longer maintain the quality and freshness of your product, due to the absorption of moisture inside your package.

Specially for your production we can offer a unique structure of the material, which is not described here. Moreover, our packaging will highlight your product among the variety of other proposals. Details you can find in the section of color and metallized films.