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Packaging for your favourte pets

AMTOPACK, INC. offers high quality bags for pet food packaging which help to storage product inside more fresh as if it has just been cooked. Bags are designed for a wide range of products and you can pack inside any goods you want for your favourite pet.


Stan-up pouches for pets

Stand-up pouches can be of different kinds: with zipper (zip-lock) and without it, with handle-cut of different shapes, the other options according to your requests are also possible. The bottom of the bag can be sealed in two ways: K-Seal or parabolic sealing (looks like arc). Stand-up pouches help you to keep your product fresh for a long time.

Packages with side tabs and the bottom for pets

Such kind of bags have side gussets and also bottom which enlarge according to the volume of the filled product. Weight of the product inside the bag allows to keep the stability when it is put on the bottom. Before filling bags take up very little space (as are folded in place of the side gussets and bottom), and on the contrary due to the side fussets and bottom you can pack more product inside. Bags can be with zipper at the front of the bag for multiple opening / closing and secure storage of the product inside.