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Retort packaging

AMTOPACK, INC. offers a quality alternative that could replace tin, aluminum and glass jars and containers.

Retort packaging is made from special multi-layer films.

It’s suitable for product’s sterilization (within 120-140°C) and pasteurization (within 80-100°C).


Benefits of the retort bags:

  • Saving energy consumption up to 40%
  • Savings in logistics due to the small size and weight of packages and there is no need to store empty containers for products
  • Long shelf life – up to five years
  • Any form of packaging - technology allows manufacturing packages of various sizes and shapes
  • Leaks - package does not transmit light, ultraviolet light, moisture and air, keeps the smell and taste of the original product
  • Biodegradable - retort packaging meets all safety requirements and can be recycled
  • Design - gravure printing allows to realize any design idea.

Our retort bags can be with welded spout.

It is used for packing all kinds of canned food, meat, fish, pet food, liquid products, semi-finished products, etc.