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Thursday, 24 July 2014 06:59

AMTOPACK, INC. provides the whole barrier package

AMTOPACK, INC. provides the whole barrier package

We are very successful with its 9 layer flexible bottom films. So far, this films has been tested at multiple production sites locally and globally.

Goods are produced by our European partner Korozo

The results of the PAPE or PAPE with EVOH structures between 60 to 260 microns trials were all successful. Excellent deep drawing properties and its perfect gloss transparency has drawn significant attention of all our current clients.

Due to films advanced co-extrusion technology, it has been observed that the thinner film structures performed as well as the currently used thicker conventional films. As a result, economical advantages have been provided to our clients.

Thermoforming properties showed excellent results which makes the film perfectly compatible for the thermoforming machines.

Please contact us to set up a trial, you will see the difference.