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Tuesday, 02 December 2014 07:13

Best Solutions for Ice-Cream Packaging from AMTOPACK, INC.

Our company successfully supply packaging solutions for the ice cream market. Our range includes both traditional packaging for ice cream (like cones, special cups, IML trays etc) and exclusive exotic solutions (like Calippo cones, cup with a double bottom).

With the onset of the winter season comes a time when you need to think about the upcoming spring-summer season comes as well. As it is the seasons when ice cream sales are increased at least twice.

We represent you our packaging solutions for ice cream.

Cup with double bottom (exclusive)

We offer you a completely innovative packaging for yogurt, cottage cheeses, desserts, jellies, ice cream. Double-bottom cup is divided into 2 sections: 100 ml is used for the product and 75 ml is used to put the toy inside. This is a new package with a special surprise for children. Secret sectiont can serve cups capacity for toys, jellies, sweets, etc. Cup is a perfect idea for holding shares, advertising campaigns, any promotion. Cup’s to can be sealed within film or special foil or closed by lid with a spoon. /more.../


Lid with spoon (Newest we can buy only in our company!)

We can offer special lid with spoon inside for cups with double and other cups and trays. There are several types of lids with spoon inside. First one depends on the diameter of the cup and second one depends on the spoon inside (foldable or not, of different colors).


Cones Calippo (unique offer)

Packing Calippo is perfect used for ice cream or frozen desserts. Quality printing which is used for Calippo can attract a lot more customers than traditional packaging. /more.../

IML-ice-cream trays

IML trays are versatile and can be used to pack a huge range of products. In particular, they are ideal for frozen foods, ice cream and desserts. Due to the in mold label, external temperature effects do not allow to change the look and presentable packaging. In this package the product can be stored for a long time and maintain their quality. The container is also designed for sealing film or foil from the top. /more.../