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Tray Sealer MAP25

Semi-automatic Tray Sealer MAP 25

E (Extension)
DS (Double Station)
X (Custom)
SP (Skin Pack)

We supply individual solutions via according your requested shelf life.

Customized to your market requirments.

Ensuring you receive a cost effective, efficient solution that operates profitably.

Backed up by the support of our dedicated team and after sale support.

We have built our reputation as the best service company in the industry based on demo, market test, service, training, emergency support, professional expertise and experience and of course the quality/reliability of our machines range.

We have been manufacturing and designing our machinery, down to the smallest component, using our own expertise and knowhow since 2008. The machines we have manufactured comply with international standards and certification.

MAP-25 is innovative designed by AMTOPACK Team for vacuum drawing and gas flushing in one go and sealing tray with top film while tray is under pressure.

MAP-25 is compatible for remote access option to control the MAP25’s electric – electronic and mechanic system via internet.

Only one operator required (Except MAP25DS -Double Station- Model requires two operators).

MAP 25 tray sealer hermetically seals special plastic containers using a flexible film. While sealing, a good level of vacuum can be reached inside the container as well as the insertion of different types of inert gases.

MAP25 can handle also the entire production of most small and medium businesses in vegetarian or non vegetarian snack food, confectionery and fresh cut vegetables.

MAP25 has own Zero Oxygene software. With this software, MAP25 take all Oxygen progressively out from the package.

Semiautomatic MAP25 thermal sealer unit is manufactured by high quality craft workmanship.

We provide machinery and services to hundereds of companies in Turkey and abroad. We work in cooperation with over 800 scientists and technicians worldwide to innovate our machinery and solutions.

Your product is supposed to be presented as attractively and well-protected as possible.

AMTOPACK supplies a wide range of solutions for practically various requirements. Depending on the product, you have the choice of many different types of pack as far as the atmosphere is concerned.

Longer shelf life thanks to MAP Packaging. Harmless inert gases – naturally present in the air that surrounds us – are fed into the pack after the evacuation operation and guarantee that the product has an extended shelf life and stays fresh longer.

MAP Packs make sure no pressure is exerted on the product, so that it can be presented particularly attractively. Soft, porous and cut products rest loosely in the pack and maintain their color and taste too. Exactly the way they should!

AMTOPACK not only offers the very best food manufacturing, processing and packaging machinery & functional packaging material but also the ‘Total Processing Packaging’ service & support that is needed for customers to get the most out of them.

MAP25 models

  • MAP25 — Base model of MAP25. Equipped with standard components. Supports sealing different  types of tray and films. Include vacuum pump, gas flushing MAP tray sealer. Tool may change depends on customer demands.
  • MAP25-E — Extended model is designed for big size tray usage. Our manufactures this model to different dimensions for customers demands and needs.
  • MAP25-DS — Double Station model is designed for increase your production capasity. This model is manufactured on base model body combined with two drawer.
  • MAP25-X — This model is named Custom. If you have to use single, big and heavy trays for your product, this model is suitable for you. X model have tray conveyor unit.
  • MAP25-SP — This type of model innovated for skin packaging. MAP25 have developed according to the needs of the industry.One of the modern packaging methods that can be performed in Skin Packaging. In this technology, top film cover the product as it’s shape like vacuum packaging without deformation of product. We can cover from 10mm to 35 mm height.


Modified Atmosphere Packaging, MAP, is a technology that has been developed to ensure that packaged food products stay fresh and attractive for as long as possible.

Everyone knows that a lot of factors cause food spoilage. The main causes is the growth of microbes such as bacteria, yeasts and mold. To keep food fresh for as long as possible without additives is our philosophy. While Sealing the food product in a package, containing gases in controlled proportions that makes slow down the process of oxidation and the growth of microbes.

This is the main idea of Modified Atmosphere Packaging = MAP.

Food is different – so is the gas composition used to pack different food products. Red meat needs high oxygen to maintain the red color, bread requires low oxygen to avoid mould and vegetables often need a three-gas mixture (gas flushing). Please ask for recommendation from your advisor to find the most suitable gas mixture (gas flushing) to perform better shelf life. Barrier films is more useful to prevent modified atmosphere from escaping or air getting back into the pack

MAP Packaging ensures:
  • Longer shelf life
  • Keep the products flavor, color and fragrance.
  • Protection during transportation and storage.
  • Sterilization and protection for sensitive medical products.
  • Provides effective protection against environmental influences such as moisture, dust, dirt, oxidation and mechanical pressure.

Photo MAP 25

Video of Tray Sealer MAP25