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Thermoform Line perFORMA

Full-automatic Thermoform Line

The filling and packaging units of packaging process are redesigned for hard based industrial packaging films.
Our Engineers investigated to thermoform machines all over the world to reveal deficient points of the technology.
Today’s multi-purpose thermoform machine’s structures must be suitable for insertion and extraction, easy to service and clean procedures, safety and hygiene at world standards, mold can be replaced easily, easy to use; faster process… We did it so.



Our perFORMA serie thermoforming machines provides quick service and cleaning facilities by easy-removable side covers . All frames and intermediate elements were manufactured with ISI304 stainless steel.
We build the perFORMA unit with using polished construction materal for safe and hygiene in VDE-CE standards .
Mould can change very quickly and easily. A new heating system for uniform temperature heating / control system is installed.

Multi Stage vacuum process can be easily implemented with special ZERO2 software. In this way, all the oxygen in the package and in the product is taken out. Liquid foods, sauces, hot products packed in hermetically even can be easily packed. After the desired atmosphere prepared for the package, the upper film is sealed over preformed food tray. Now the package is closed tightly. The corelation inside and outside of the package is interrupted.


LCD graphic display with touchscreen is very easy to use. Multilingual programmed control panel can turn to the desired direction in VDU norms. Adjustable up to 99 different process programs. The minimum and maximum temperature values ??can be monitored simultaneously on the touchscreen. The unit’s working order and possible errors, error logs are displayed on the control display. All the settings and features of the machine functions can be controlled from the touchscreen. If necessary, the work settings can be avoided by locking for the potential user faults. Counting products, hours of operation, cycles, production process, errors, functions reports can show in any time on the control panel.

Besides all these useful functiones, our perFORMA thermoforming machine has remote access option.
The perFORMA thermoform machines provides to maximum reliability and the flexibility to adapt your production demands.

perFORMA 4 different model

  • perFORMA320
  • perFORMA360
  • perFORMA420
  • perFORMA460

There are lots of drinking water packaging on the market today. Different size and volume of drinking water bottles and cups for sale on the shelves. Drinking water should be filled in a hygienic environment and selection of the packaging materials is very important. Incorrect choice of materials may denigrate your brand.

We innovated water packaging thermoform line at last year. The perFORMA420W.

The capacity and quality of the machine compliances of the international norms. All project design, innovation and craftsmanship completely belongs to our Engineers.

The perFORMA420W has thermoform molding unit, filling unit and the sealing unit on same body. Packaging features that barcoding, labeling, boxing can easily be applied. It is quite economical and efficient model. The touchscreen control panel providing full control and instant access to the machine for all kinds of datas you need. Also perFORMA420W has a optional module for remote access via the internet.

Photo perFORMA

Video perFORMA